Additional image sizes

With this plugin, users can add and remove intermediate image sizes. The plugin can also make copies of existing images with these new sizes. You will be able to use the images in your posts or use them in your theme with the ‘Get the image’ plugin or with WordPress 2.9′s the_post_image feature.


Additional image sizes can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository or from WordPress’ built in plugin installer by searching for additional image sizes.


  1. Upload the additional-image-sizes folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Now you’ll see a new menu item in the Media menu where you can add additional sizes and so forth


This plugin requires WordPress 2.5 or higher. It’s also compatible with WordPress 2.9′s image editing features.


Got feature requests? Please write a topic in the WordPress forums.


  • Minor bugfixes, sorry about all the updates


  • 1.0 didn’t preserve image sizes from 0.1 installs, now it does (and recovers those that were lost)


  • Several small bugfixes
  • thumbnail, medium and large can no longer be used as the name for a size (WordPress itself uses those already)
  • Width or height can now be left empty
  • Slight improvements to the user interface
  • Prevent timeouts when regenerating copies of existing sizes


Very first release, features are:

  • Adding additional image sizes.
  • Generate copies of additional image sizes.
  • Use the additional sizes in your posts or pages from the Add an Image screen.

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