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Google Analytics filter: Include all traffic from an IP address

I’ve started my internship at a big school that recently implemented Google Analytics (GA). When we looked at their data we saw that many pageviews simply came from employees visiting gateway pages to internal services. Also, because we don’t have a comprehensive intranet right now many employees and students look for information at the public […]

Recursive delete with the command line windows FTP client

If you’re dead set on finding a way to do a recursive delete with Windows’ standard command line FTP client you’re in the wrong place. Actually, the whole internet is the wrong place for you. Why? It’s simply impossible to find a way to do recursive deleting of directories in ftp.exe on the Internet. Well, […]

Nicer MySQL administration with SQL Buddy

I hate using PHPMyAdmin to adminstrate MySQL databases. It looks ugly, it’s unintuitive and simply not user friendly. And still it was still the tool I used to do this very task. I thought there was no good alternative. SQL Buddy seems to offer just that. A nicer way of administrating your MySQL databases. SQL […]