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Recursive Twitter search with PHP

I’ve been playing with the Twitter API recently and more specifically the Twitter search API. Sometimes the results from a Twitter search span across multiple pages and because of this, the result from a call to the Twitter search API may include a next_page variable. Using this variable we can recursively search Twitter until there […]

Working quicker in Ubuntu by using bash scripts

I’m sure that there are a couple of commands you use on a regular basis when working in Ubuntu. I for instance often open the file browser by pressing ALT+F2 and entering ‘gksu nautilus’ which opens the file browser as root. The same goes for the ‘gksu gnome-terminal’ command. Entering commands with ALT+F2 is cool […]

How to transfer ALL your e-mail to Gmail (even if it’s in folders)

I recently helped my mother with switching over to Gmail. She has always used the webmail service from our webhost with an e-mail adress at (she runs a dutch PR consultancy) but the webmail service had been buggy lately. Setting up Gmail to receive e-mail from another account with POP3 access is easy but […]